5@Tasks for standardization

All the tasks required for standardization are categorized in table 1, where the vertical axis shows task phase including strategy, development, implementing and promotion, and the horizontal axis shows standard type including de jure standards, forum/consortium standards, de facto/company-product standards and houserules.

Standard types are defined in clause 3.4 through 3.7 from the task classification's point of view. The task phases are not always standard development steps themselves. They may be carried out concurrently or cyclically.

Each task of standardization in a cell of Table 1 is assigned with a sequential number (task number).

Table 1 Tasks for standardization

  Standard Type
De jure standards Forum/Consortium standards De facto/Company-product standards Houserules All types
Task Phase Strategy Strategy planning 1) Strategy planning for standardization E 34) Considering compliance 35) Considering human resource development 36) Considering intellectual properties
Tactics planning 2) Information collecting/analyzing/evaluating and tactics planning E
3) Supervising (Strategy)
4) Liaison establishing (Strategy) N/A
Founding organization 5) Founding organization (De jure standards) 6) Founding organization (Forum/Consortium standards) 7) Founding organization (De facto/Company-product standards) N/A
Managing organization 8) Managing organization (Strategy, De jure standards) 9) Managing organization (Strategy, Forum/Consortium standards) 10) Managing organization (Strategy, De facto/Company-product standards) N/A
Development Developing technology 11) Developing associated technology
Developing standards 12) Proposing new work items (De jure standards) 13) Proposing new work items (Forum/Consortium standards) 14) Proposing new work items (De facto/Company-product standards)
15) Drafting standards (De jure standards) 16) Drafting standards (Forum/Consortium standards) N/A
17) Negotiating (De jure standards) 18) Negotiating (Forum/Consortium standards) 19) Marketing (De facto/Company-product standards) N/A
Managing organization 20) Managing organization (Development, De jure standards) 21) Managing organization (Development, Forum/Consortium standards) 22) Managing organization (Development, De facto/Company-product standards) N/A
Implementing Applying standards 23) Applying standards N/A
Acquiring certification 24) Conformance testing N/A
25) Acquiring certification 26) Acquiring forum certification 27) Acquiring private certification N/A
Promotion Promotion planning 28) Information collecting/analyzing/evaluating and promotion planning N/A
29) Supervising (Promotion) N/A
30) Liaison establishing (Promotion) N/A
Advertising 31) Advertising (De jure standard) 32) Advertising (Forum/Consortium standards) 33) Advertising (De facto/Company-product standards) N/A