4@Structure and notations

The structure and notations of this standard are based on JIS Z 8301. The composition where skills are defined for all the categorized tasks has adopted that of skill standard - Evaluation for skills of human resource for intellectual property.

Skills required for each task are specified in a skill card, where all the skill items are described indicating the difference from the skill card template. The template includes the minimum common descriptions for all skill cards (see clause 7). This notation makes it feasible to show the difference between skills required for different tasks and difference between levels of skill required for a task, and to show a conformable relationship between task and skill.

As for the skill card for the task "1) Strategy planning for standardization" (see Table 1) and skill cards of level 2 for all other tasks, the descriptions with underline show the difference from (addition to) the template and the descriptions using subscript characters show deletion from the template.

As for the skill cards of level 1 and level 3 for the tasks, the descriptions with bold characters shows addition to the corresponding skill card of level 2, and the description using subscript characters show deletion from the corresponding skill card of level 2.