2. Activities in ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34

2.1 Nov. 98 Meeting, Chicago

2.1.2 from SC34 N0023: Resolutions of the ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34 Meeting, Chicago

"Resolution 4: SC 34 Project Subdivision"

SC 34 approves the following subdivision of Project 34.27.01:

Project Number Title Project Editor ISO/IEC 9541-1:1991, Amendment 3 - Information Technology - Font Information Interchange - Part 1: Architecture - Amendment 3: Multilingual extensions to font resource architecture Y. Komachi

Rationale: Documents interchanged in the internet environment are often required to be a multilingual mixture, i.e., described using multiple languages within a paragraph, a page or a document. Those multilingual documents should be rendered and represented according to appropriate multilingual formatting requirements. The existing standard ISO/IEC 9541 and its current Amendment can support multilingual font treatments. However, the properties defined in the standards are still insufficient to fully support multilingual mixtures for multilingual formatting.

SC 34 instructs its Secretariat to forward this project subdivision to JTC 1 for endorsement.