Activity Report 2 of XML Project

Y. Komachi

ISO-DTDs which were given by Mr. Samarin in the Feb. meeting were translated into DTDs for XML. Sample files (test1.xml and term1.xml) are style-specified with xsl files (simplex.xsl and simple.xsl respectively).

The major points in the SGML to XML translation are:

  1. Comments within declaration are extracted to be independent comment statements.
  2. Characters are adjusted according to the XML rule of case sensitivity.
  3. All tags are described without omission.
  4. Each element is defined separately.
  5. All the attribute values are quoted.
  6. Attribute types NAME, NUMBER, and NUTOKEN are changed into NMTOKEN.
  7. The location of #PCDATA is changed into a head of declaration.
  8. Content models are modified without & separators.
  9. Characters defined by SDATA are changed into simple strings.
  10. Elements declarations are changed without exceptions.